You Didn't Know Me

from by Keith Cooper

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I don't care
But let's make this clear
I measure my age in seconds
I do not measure it in years

I was born in a coma
I was raised in a coma
I went to college in an a coma
I was unconscious when they handed me my diploma

Finally I awoke
I don't even know how old
They said "Hey son welcome to this world!
But I think it's almost over."

I said "Hey, that's ok!
I don't even have a place to stay"

You didn't know me

Everybody's dressed for success
But success is so cliche
So I hopped a plane to China
To find a sweat shop factory

Amongst the working, starving children
I was an attention starved man
And I said "Please, pretty please can you make me a shirt
That no one else in the world has?"

They were busy and said "No!"
But gave me directions to a thrift store

You didn't know me

The good old english language
Is what I was taught to speak
But soon I realized everyone else was doing it too
And I didn't feel very unique

So one day I invented a language
That was only for myself
It went like "bra blah blah blah"
And they were like "hey man, this kid needs help"

And they gave me a straight jacket
But I thought it made a pretty cool fashion statement

You didn't know me

One day mother earth walked into
An abortion clinic
She said "hey doc you gotta help
I've been feeling sick.

I ain't got much money or resources
Don't tell me I'm going to have twins."
Well the doc took a look and said "Sorry mam
I think you're going to have billions."

She's like "I can't support that."
The doc prescribed a nuclear blast.

But you didn't know me.

I'm so sick
Of being a hypochondriac.
Except I'm not really sick of it
Because I'm a hypochondriac.

And I think that I
Should stop thinking.
Except I'm not totally, completely sure
So let me think on it!

I'm a busy roundabout
These thoughts circle within me but never get out...

You didn't know me!


from You Didn't Know Me, track released February 2, 2016
Keith Cooper - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Zach Toporek - electric guitar
Elio DeLuca - piano
Adrian Emberley - backing vocals
Wayne Whittaker - bass
Harrison Seiler - drums



all rights reserved


Keith Cooper Somerville, Massachusetts

Arizona born musician. Cooper played in Tucson based band Overcast Off from 2008 - 2011, gigging frequently and touring occasionally, before moving east to continue writing songs and playing with various other musicians. In his free time, he works full time and writes poetry. ... more

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